Authors, we love to showcase Christian Fiction and the people who write it.  If you’d like to participate in any of the following opportunities, you need to sign up to follow the blog by email and agree to promote the site now and then on social media.


We understand that there’s a broad spectrum for Christian Fiction and that’s a good thing but…absolutely no books with questionable language or explicit sexual scenes will be accepted.

Here are the present opportunities that are available:

FREEBIES! If you have a book that’s going to be free submit it with the specific dates and the buy links as well as cover art–all in ONE file.

Interview of the Day (About the writer, not a specific book)

Answer Interview Questions (questions will be provided)

Bio (may include 2 links where readers can find you)

Picture of yourself (Can be a headshot or more candid; picture is optional)

Interview Questions:

How or why did you become a writer?

Why do you write Christian Fiction?

Tell us something interesting about yourself. Can be funny, serious, or spiritual.

Book Spotlight

May be Ebook or Print.

Must have a giveaway (copy of book or even a $5 Amazon gift card).

Cover art

Book Blurb

2 Buy Links

Bio (may include 2 links where readers can find you)

Answer this question: What makes this book a modern-day parable?

May include a short post (200 words) but this is optional.

Genre Directory

Name/1-2 sentence bio or tagline/Genre/Book titles in that genre/website or blog site

You may choose to be in as many genre directories as you write in.


Lillian Duncan…turning faith into fiction.


Suspense: Game On

Women’s Fiction: Puzzle House


Flash fiction with a message. If you have flash fiction with a Christian message, submit it for approval.

If you’d like to participate in any of the opportunities, please contact me through this form. Thanks!