Welcome to Modern Day Parables!

What’s a parable? It’s an earthly story with a heavenly message–the perfect definition for today’s Christian Fiction!

Today’s Christian Fiction ain’t your mama’s Christian Fiction! In days past, Christian Fiction was a sermon wrapped in a sweet story. There’s nothing wrong with that but today’s Christian Fiction is so much more than that.

Today’s Christian Fiction has something for everyone–no matter what you love to read. Suspense? We’ve got that! Fantasy, horror or the supernatural? We’ve got that! Romance? We’ve got that! Still love the traditional? We’ve got that as well!

Today’s Christian Fiction also runs the gamut from the subtle to the hit-you-over-the head when it comes to the heavenly message. Some books are written from a Christian worldview while others delve deeply into a spiritual message. Some books are sweet while others are on the edgy side. Again there’s something out there for everyone.

Modern Day Parables is here to showcase all sorts of Christian Fiction along with author interviews, book reviews, new releases, book giveaway and much more . So welcome to Modern Day Parables.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Modern Day Parables!

  1. I agree with you. Christian fiction is so different from the early days of Grace Livingston Hill and Janette Oke. I continue to be amazed at the variety of books and authors in the CF market. As a voracious reader, I’m glad to have so many choices.


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